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would like to provide you with some additional information that may be helpful in planning your visit to Healdsburg and finding local winery events. We hope you'll loveour homes,
our town and our region of Sonoma Wine Country as much as we do. We know you'll discover our riverfront locations and lodge-style homes to provide the perfect, relaxing getaway you'll want to return to again and again.
And, we expect you'll want to share your local "finds" with family and friends...please share them with us too, so we can pass them along to future guests.

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If you have any questions, please call us toll-free: 866.786.2778 OR 707.303.5898


Additional Services Available to Our Guests:

Maid Service / Extra Cleaning:
We can offer on-demand or daily maid service for an additional fee of $30/hr. Arrangements must be made in advance

"To Your Door" Laundry Service:
We can provide a wash and fold laundry service (delivered to your door) for $2 per pound for larger loads (an additional $10 surcharge is added for smaller loads). For Firefly Lodge and The Old River Lodge (our two homes without washer & dryers) we offer a wash and fold laundry service free for stays of 4 nights or longer, please inquire. You may also call us to request fresh sheets, additional towels, etc. We will also be glad to see if one of our homes with laundry facilities might be available for your self-service.

Self-Service and Drop-Off Laundry Service:
In Healdsburg, the Dry Creek Laundry, is located in the parking lot across from Big John's Market, at 1357 Healdsburg Ave., and is open daily from 6am to 10pm, for self-service laundering. If you arrive at the Dry Creek Laundry before 10am, you may leave your laundry with the attendant, and they will provide a wash and fold service. They can have your laundry clean and folded and ready for your pick up the next morning, in most cases. The phone number for the laundry is 707-433-5723.
Lastly, you may call us and we'll be glad to see if one of our homes with laundry facilities might be available for your self-service.

Athletic Club: passes to Healdsburg's Park Point Health & Swim Club are available for $15. Ask us for details.


Airports & Transportation:

The closest major airports are San Francisco and Oakland. However, our local Sonoma County Airport (just 15 minutes from Healdsburg, via Hwy 101) has flights directly from a few major cities.
Here are some links to flight and ground transportation information:

Sonoma County Airport Express - 800-327-2024
Charter Bus Transportation to and from San Francisco and Oakland Airports (last stop is Sonoma County Airport, a 15 minute drive from Healdsburg)

Sonoma County Airport - 707-565-7243) - Information about flying directly to Wine Country via Sonoma County Airport

Link to Rental Car Agencies at the Sonoma County Airport

Healdsburg Taxi Cab & Car Service Company - 707-433-7088


Dining In or Out:

We have a lot of incredible restaurants here in Healdsburg, many offer delivery, pick-up or catering if you prefer to eat-in. Or, try our local produce and products for some gourmet cooking of your own. Some of our recommendations are below. For a full listing of restaurants, see:

Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Listings
Healdsburg Restaurant Menus


About 90 minutes north of San Francisco, Healdsburg has become a popular jumping off point for visitors to Sonoma County's Wine Country. In addition to boutiques, tasting rooms and upscale shopping, this bustling town has some of the area's most unique restaurants.

Surrounded on nearly all sides by vineyards, the small town of Healdsburg has quickly become the unofficial heart of much of Sonoma's Wine Country. With the Dry Creek Valley to the west, Russian River Valley to the South, and the Alexander Valley and Chalk Hill to the east, it's a hub for vintners, winery staff and locals who work in the industry-as well as Wine Country visitors. With so much wine flowing in the hills and valleys, it's hardly surprising that good food and excellent restaurants are easy to find in this small northern California town.

And though couture fashion boutiques, expensive cars and modern luxury hotels have replaced much of the older agricultural way of life here, there are still many locals who sit and eat lunch around the plaza, stop in for a drink at the local bars and congregate at the local post office and coffee houses to chat.

Restaurants follow suit-with a number of luxurious, high-end dining experiences; mid-priced casual eateries that feature fresh, local foods and even inexpensive nosheries that are perfect for a quick bite. Here are some favorites:

Extreme elegance:
Cyrus Restaurant, located in the Le Mars Hotel near downtown, is arguably Sonoma County's most opulent eatery. Offering luxury cuisine including caviar by the ounce, an impressive cheese cart, stellar wine selection and five-star service, along with refined French/California dining, it is the best choice for intimate dinners and exacting palates. It has been highly reviewed and compared to the 5-star "French Laundry" in Napa. (Advance reservations required). It has now been included on a list of the 50 best restaurants in the U.S. As you would expect, it is rather expensive, but the service is incredible, and the food is very special!  
A note from Wine Country Lodges: The owner, Lisa, took her parents to Cyrus for dinner in early 2008, and for the three of them the bill was under $200, (but they didn't order the optional caviars, or taste the rare wines, etc.). Cyrus is located at 29 North St., Healdsburg, 707.433.3311.

Upscale Dining:
The Dry Creek Kitchen, located inside the Hotel Healdsburg, is well regarded as it was founded by the famous New York chef, Charlie Palmer. For sushi, we have a very upscale and special place called Willi's Seafood and Raw Bar (located at 403 Healdsburg Ave) that many people really enjoy (and we've gotten good consistent reviews from Wine Country Lodges' guests as well). The restaurant, Zin (located at 344 Center Street) was featured on a Rachel Ray cooking show on TV, and has great food, as do almost all the rest of the restaurants in Healdsburg. Barn Diva (located at 231 Center Street), for which we have read good press (and have heard good things about as well), has an eclectic menu and a unique dining environment. Close to downtown, Barn Diva has a high fence around its courtyard dining providing guests a more private setting for small parties. When walking by you can see twinkling lights and the sound of laughter and a great time being had by all... Restaurant Charcuterie at 335 Healdsburg Avenue has recently been getting a lot of buzz and being a spot with great food at a great price (average dinner entree $18) - French mediterranean fare in a "fun, relaxed setting". There are a number of others restaurants that have good "buzz", including Cena Luna (241 Healdsburg Avenue), and Ravenous Cafe (420 Center Street).

Country Charm:

Nestled amidst the vineyards just outside of town, Madrona Manor is a Victorian Inn that's a favorite of wedding parties and romantic couples. Though you'll find plenty of locals, as well, the restaurant at Madrona Manor is the kind of place best enjoyed while on vacation: cares slip away, elegant plates are brought forth, the food is simple, yet well-crafted, and the environment plush. Located at 1001 Westside Road, Healdsburg, 707.433.4231.

At the other end of the design spectrum, Dry Creek Kitchen, in the similarly stark Healdsburg Hotel, is a minimal and cleanly executed space that features regional foods and cooking. From Pt. Reyes' Cowgirl Creamery to Liberty Ducks and local produce, the menu is careful to point out its local sources, so diners really understand the sense of place they're eating in. The menu changes frequently, so don't get too attached to a meal you had last week-chances are it will soon be replaced. Located at 317 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, 707.431.0330.

Casual Dining:
For something more everyday, local people have some favorites like El Farolito, or El Sombrero, hole in the wall places, each a half block from the plaza, with great authentic Mexican food. Next to a brewery by the same name is The Bear Republic Cafe, which is an upscale hamburger and chilli sort of a place with things like burgers, chili, and rootbeer, just off the side alley of the Hotel Healdsburg; or diVine Pizza, a very popular spot (next to Big John's Market at Healdsburg Avenue and Dry Creek Road) with great gourmet pizza, and eating at tables outdoors, or inside. At mid-day, eating at the Oakville Grocery on the corner of the plaza square is something that almost every tourist does. They have tables outdoors for eating, and lots of deli things to choose from, salads, sandwiches, hot things, unusual things, absolutely fantastic cookies, etc! Just outside of town is Giorgio's with family style Italian food (nothing to write home about, but decent food at a decent price) - we all agreed that the big, thick crust style pizzas were pretty good. Sizzling Tandoor offers Indian fare at the corner of Dry Creek Road and Healdsburg Avenue. There's lots more to great places to choose from, but maybe this will get you started. At each of our homes there is a binder with a section devoted to restaurants.

Lunch With The Locals:
On the "Best" list almost every year in the last decade, tiny, narrow and always packed, Bistro Ralph is where you'll often find local winemakers opening a bottle or two of their latest vintage with friends. The bar is a great place to see the action, nibble on tasty rolls, and wait for a plate of chicken livers or a Hangar steak with fries. Zin Restaurant is another favorite local lunch spot. Bistro Ralph is located at 109 Plaza St., Healdsburg, 707.433.1380. Zin Restaurant is located at 344 Center St., Healdsburg, 707.473.0946.

Picnic Provisions:
A cross between gourmet grocery store and gourmet deli, the Oakville Grocery store has make-it-yourself provisions like cheese, bread, lunchmeat and upscale pre-made deli items including polenta and crabcakes along with some of the tastiest sandwiches in town. If you're willing to wait 20 minutes or so, the Club Mezaluna is a crispy pizza crust filled with chicken, bacon, tomatoes and Caesar salad. Budget a little tight? Big John's Market, north of town is where locals go for inexpensive sub sandwiches, soup and other gourmet goodies. Oakville Grocery is located at 124 Matheson St., Healdsburg, 707.433.3200. Big John's Market is located at 1345 Healdsburg Ave., 707.433.7151.

Best brunch:
The Ravenette, located just off the square next to the Raven theater, is a cozy spot for Sunday brunch. With a mostly local clientele, it's also open for dinner Thursday through Sunday. Located at 117 North Street 707.431.1770.

Perfect Pizza:
Plaza Farms market hosts several local wineries, Bellwether Farms cheeses and Bovolo, an Italian deli (California-style) offering gourmet pizza, salads made with locally sourced greens, beans and whole grains and house-made gelato. Located at 106 Matheson St., Healdsburg, 707.433.2345. diVine Pizza is a very popular spot (next to Big John's Market at Healdsburg Avenue and Dry Creek Road) with great gourmet pizza, and eating at tables outdoors, or inside. And, Giorgio's has a big, thick crust style pizza that is pretty good (although we didn't find the rest of their family style Italian food to be anything noteworthy).

Something Fishy:
You don't need your own chopsticks (though many locals have a set on hand) at Sake'O, one of the best sushi restaurants in the North Bay. The restaurant is tiny, and there are only a few seats at the sushi bar, so it's best to come early. Closer to the center of town, Willi's Seafood is a hip restaurant with great outdoor seating, a nice by-the-glass winelist and a full bar. And for fish tacos, there's no shortage of Mexican restaurants, like El Farolito, located at 128 Plaza St. (phone 707.433.2807) just behind the Gallo tasting room (which fronts Center Street). Sake'O is located at 505 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, 707.433.2669. Willi's Seafood is located at 403 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, 707.433.9191.

Something Other Than, Er, Wine?:
It seems a little bit odd to smell hops and barley along the streets of Healdsburg, but on a warm day, the waft of brewing beer will guide you right to the Bear Republic Brewing Company located at 345 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, 707.431.7258, for salads, burgers and casual dining.

Restaurants worth the drive:
20 minutes drive south of Healdsburg you will find Graton (between Forestville and Sebastopol on Gravenstein Highway - Hwy 116) and the Underwood Bar and Bistro. Guests of ours went there by default one night years ago and found the Underwood a favorite of the locals and vintners alike: "The atmosphere is loads of fun, the food somewhat eclectic but absolutely fabulous. It has very fun drinks, and the servers are often a bit funky and very helpful in selection. Reservations are practically a 'must' because it is so popular. We also like the fact that they have quite a few 'small plates' that are quite reasonable in price. We often just get a few small plates and all eat off of them. By the way, their Harisa Fries are to die for. We always start with a big plate of those for the table".


Catering / Food Delivery / Personal Chef:

Many of the restaurants in town offer food pick-up or delivery and some offer on-site catering (including Costeaux French Bakery). Healdsburg restaurant menus (
Healdsburg Restaurant Menus) are available online and may indicate some of these options.
For Catering and/or Personal Chef options, try some of these:
Brass Spatula - 707-569-4468 - Personal chef services, daily meal service, special occasion chef services for dinner parties. And, in combination with Refresh Event Massage Services they offer Romantic Dinner and Massage Packages for two and Spa Party Packages for a unique and luxurious way to entertain and relax while in the comfort of your vacation home!
Chef David Gish - 510-547-4881 - provides custom designed experiences accommodating the culinary and wine related desires of vacationing groups.
Maria's Multi Regional Cuisine - 707.546.3293 - Personal chef services, catering & events, cooking classes, a variety of cuisines. Mateo Granados Catering - 707.433.2338.

Relish Culinary - We've heard good things about these folks for private cooking classes (which guests have held at our houses) and they should be a good resource through which to hire a private chef.
Vintage Valley Catering - 707.433.9628.

Groceries / Markets:

There are two main grocery stores in town. There is a Safeway on Vine Street at Matheson (there is a Sonoma National Bank and a Wells Fargo Bank in this plaza as well). Safeway is a long block West of the plaza (which is on Healdsburg Avenue and Matheson Street.

The other grocery is Big John's Market at 1345 Healdsburg Avenue (at the corner of Dry Creek Road) about a half mile north of the plaza (on the left). Big John's "offers a full range of traditional natural and organic grocery item, a full service deli, meat, bakery and produce departments and an expansive selection of local wines". You can find gluten-free options here as well.

There are a few other smaller specialty stores such as Shelton's Market that has some more organic and gluter-free optons. Shelton's is located at 428 Center Street a couple blocks north of the plaza (North of the Post Office).

The Oakville Grocery is at 124 Matheson Street (at the corner of Center Street on the plaza). Oakville has "regional and selective gourmet products, there is an alfresco cafe style seating terrace featuring a freestanding wood burning fireplace. The outside terrace is a place for customers to enjoy a wide variety of menu items from our kitchen, pizza ovens, sandwich bar, and rotisserie as well as wines by the glass from our wine tasting bar". The store highlights Sonoma County producers in the selection of specialty grocery, farmstead cheeses, charcuterie, baked goods, wines, and produce.

Further away in Windsor (South 10 minutes on Hwy 101) there is a Raley's grocery and a Super Walmart with grocery items. Santa Rosa (15 miles to the south) has a Trader Joe's and a number of local and national chain groceries.


Healdsburg Area:

Healdsburg Info & Maps:

Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce & Visitor's Bureau - 800-648-9922 (CA only) or 707-433-6935

and Map of Downtown Healdsburg


Event Locations:

Here are some alternative event location ideas that are a bit lower cost than most and are not too far from our homes:

Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park: has a Wedding and Event Center that provides a picturesque location for the perfect Wine Country Wedding, Meeting or Corporate Event. Presenting visitors with spectacular views of the Sonoma County Wine Country, the Clubhouse offers a unique blend of timeless Wine Country sophistication and convenient amenities. Capacity: 150 Guests. Note from Wine Country Lodges: They have nice facilities there, nice chairs, etc., bar service, and a kitchen that can be used, and they charge $150/hour for use of the facilities for picnics, family reunions, and other events. It is very close to all of our homes (a half mile to 2 miles away from all of our properties).

Villa Chanticleer - Weddings, Special Events, Conferences - less than a mile to Firefly and Northwoods Lodges (and another 1/2 to 1 mile to our other homes).. Capacity: 350 Inside / 150 Outside.

Alexander Valley Community Hall - Enjoy the "Wine Country" elegance of our charming hall nestled in the middle of the lush vineyards and premier wineries of the Alexander Valley. Capacity: 200 Guests.

Thunderbird Ranch - Weddings and Receptions, Compancy Events, Picnics & Family Reunions. Tucked away in the heart of the wine country, Thunderbird Ranch is surrounded by the lush green vineyards and picturesque rolling hills of Alexander Valley. Capacity: 300 Guests.

Riverfront Park - This large group picnic area is nestled in a grove of old Redwood trees, and features an extra large BBQ and a volleyball area. It is disabled accessible and has two chemical toilets. There are also multiple first-come, first-served secluded picnic tables. The park has a two mile gravel path that circles Lake Benoist. The lake has great fishing access and allows non-motorized boating (electric OK). There is abundant wildlife and bird watching. Picnic Area Capacity: 75.

Wine Touring:

One of the wineries we think have the prettiest grounds to walk around is Ferrari-Carrano on Dry Creek Road. If you wander as far as the Guerneville area (to the south west of Healdsburg about 45 minutes), there is Korbel Champagne Cellars. (It is very close to Armstrong State Redwoods which we highly recommend you go see, and is also on the way to the ocean beaches).. Korbel has been voted the best tour in the area. Korbel produces champagne, and has done so for about a century. Their buildings are old and walking around there is like walking around an old world little city. The tour is very interesting, with a lot of historical content. They show how champagne was made in the old fashioned, very labor intensive way long go, and then show you how it's done now. You see old hand carved decorated barrels, and old equipment, and old bottles. Lots of education with this tour, and it's pretty there. You can go on a garden tour of their home next to the winery, too, if you like and thats very nice also.

Healdsburg Wineries - Links to some of the many wineries in and around Healdsburg

Russian River Wine Road - Local winery & event information including maps to the many local wineries and special event weekends including: Winter Wineland, Barrel Tasting, Passport and Wine & Food Affair.
Sonoma County Online - Map of Wineries

Wine Touring Services:

Eclectic Tour - 707-224-2265 / 888-411-TOUR - Offering Private, Customized Wine Tours. Highly recommended by a previous guest. (Based in Napa, but will come to Healdsburg).

Healdsburg Tours - 707-694-5580 - owner/operator Jonathan has been highly recommended by many of our guests, including a recent comment calling him a "gem". Personalized wine tours in a custom built
recreational vehicle, calle
d the Wine-A-Bay-Go, a custom Mercedes-Benz luxury coach with leather seating, flat screen TV and more. Receive special attention, including behind the scenes tours, and special tastings on your customized tour. Owner operated and offer flex pricing (per hour or flat rate)  for couples or groups of up to 8. Also offer transportation for clients to and from county airport and restaurant and other destinations.

Healdsburg Wine Tour - 707-849-0503

Sonoma County Tours - 707-824-1304
Sonoma Wine Tours - 707-486-0377 -
owner/operator Soussan offers private
guided tours of Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino wine country. Please contact us on or email us at
Vine Rover Tours (Range Rovers) - 707-838-1405
Wine Road Tours - 707-548-4421


Climate / Weather:

The signs of spring arrive early with tender blades of new grass appearing shortly after the new year. Spring can be beautiful and balmy. By May, the river has usually become suitable for kayaking, canoeing, and other activities.

Healdsburg's Mediterranean climate is mild year round. It is dry (semi-arid) in the summer, with summer temperatures ranging between 70 and 95 degrees, usually cooling to the 50's overnight.
Year 'round it is smog-free and mosquitoes are scarce. Summer is the high season for water sports, with swimming, boating, and lots of ways to enjoy aquatic fun!

In the fall, our weather is typically warm, clear, sunny and summer-like. Swimming and boating are usually possible until November.

The average rainfall is forty inches with temperatures ranging from 28 degrees in the overnight to 60 degrees during the day, December through February. We are 30 miles from the Pacific Coast, and the relatively warm Humboldt current keeps us temperate and free of snowy conditions. Native steelhead and salmon swim upstream to spawn during the winter months and provide exciting fishing opportunities.





Healdsburg Map

Sonoma County Wine Country Map


To the West and Northwest of Healdsburg are Dry Creek Valley Wineries and Vineyards.
(Maps from Russian River Wine Road - They have a great site to explore particular wineries, wines and the grapes grown in the area vineyards... very useful!)

Dry Creek Valley


To the North and Northeast of Healdsburg are Alexander Valley Wineries and Vineyards

Alexander Valley


To the South and Southwest of Healdsburg are Russian River Valley Wineries and Vineyards

Russian River Valley



Healdsburg is a conveniently located getaway at only 67 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge

North Bay Area Map



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